Balcony Roof Deck Waterproofing

Balcony Roof Deck Waterproofing


Balcony Roof Deck Waterproofing is a complex area that stumps the best of contractors. In fact, most contractors make significant mistakes in designing, building, and installing waterproof deck systems. Like many things in the building trades, waterproof  balcony roof decks are very specialized. Golden Gate Enterprises is one of the largest and most well know waterproof deck companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While there are many products that can waterproof, there are many considerations at hand. Most products are not rated for use as a roofing product for use over living space. In addition, the product must be rated to be a walking deck product. It’s beyond belief at the  number of products that are incorrectly used and improperly installed. We see this  from perfectly good contrators, as well as architects….they just do not have the specialized knowledge of what it takes to do balcony roof top deck waterproofing over living space properly. How do we know ? Because we take out and replace failed waterproof deck systems every week of the ones, old ones, legal ones, illegal ones, architect specified ones, and ones done by great contractors (but they just don’t get waterproofing).

The Sign Of Quality And Dependability For Waterproof Decks

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Golden Gate Enterprises Balcony Roof Deck Waterproofing

Golden Gate Enterprises Typical Finished Waterproof Deck and Railing

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Golden Gate Enterprises Balcony Roof Deck Waterproofing

Golden Gate Enterprises Customer Testamonial

 Typical Installation

Golden Gate Enterprises Waterproof Deck Installation

Vinyl Membrane Is Far Superior To Liquid Coating Systems

Our Message: Hire A Balcony Roof Deck Waterproofing Contractor Expert !

Leaking decks lead to lots of expensive damage and having to replace decks. There is no short cut. Watch our videos and see replacement deck projects we have performed on regular houses, as well as very expensive estate homes. It’s very costly to redo decks. While we thank all the contractors that mess up waterproof decks because its a continual source of our business, we are trying to alert you, the consumer, to hire a specialist like ourselves right up front. Water proof decks are not cheap. And its not the place to shop for price. It’s the place to shop for an expert in waterproof deck systems…and that’s Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc. Ask anyone that quotes you for a waterproof deck project for pictures and videos of the last 100 jobs they have done. We have the last 100 jobs, plus over 900 others. Never a leaking deck to date.

Waterproof Vinyl Deck Membranes The Best Balcony Roof Deck Waterproofing Available

Our specialty is the use of vinyl membranes that are approved roofing products, approved to be walked on, and look nice. Nothing else compares. While manufacturer warranties are  10 to 20 years, our experience is that a typical vinyl membrane installation will last over 20 years. You can’t do that with other systems. One of the most common waterproof systems are liquid waterproof  deck coatings. These are cheap, and have an incredibly high rate of failure. If you are a homeowner, you would be nuts to use one of these. We see these coatings used more in multi family units, where cash flow for the month is king, but these come back to haunt owners with large expensive repairs. Get the job done properly by Balcony Roof Deck Waterproofing experts. Call us today at  510-909-8552


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